Corporate Social Responsibility

Reviewing the past, we appreciate every member in the All Ring group’s time and effort. To continue the spirit, we set our mission statement as six words “Creation, Service, Speed, Saving, Harmony and Confidence”, and enlarging our mindset of “caring & sharing” toward our society.  On top of it, “Honor” is our general principle of business management.

We expect that our R&D technology can not only improve competitiveness of our clients but also create added value to give back the employee, shareholder and society. Todays All Ring Tech is built with the foundation of efforts from all shareholder and employee. By promoting our business philosophy, All Ring Tech has gained a high admiration and widely trusted recognition from the customer, employee, and pubic. All Ring Tech would continue our endeavors and give back to all the people and groups who support us all along the way.


In order to fulfill the responsibility of sustainability,we Allring Tech have promised, gradually implement this goal through industry-university cooperation,to cultivate more "Happy Robots" for the whole Taiwan society.

We held the 2nd consecutive “Special class for master of industry-university” and the “Creative Competition” that co-organized with Kun Shan University to actively improve the quality of students.

meantime, we also introduce the alternative military service members,so that they can, as early as likely, have more opportunities to use and improve their ability.

We hope it can be transformed into the cultivation of substantive culture through such caring and sharing,to create the best example of a harmonious enterprise for the society.

Any successful enterprises need to go through many years of hard work so that can keep strong and stand still,from the perspective of long-term development,we are still in the period of growth, needs every single Allring members work hard together,then back to the vision of Allring Tech,

we pride to be an innovator of product design and manufacturing in the automation industry, focusing on improving the life quality of human beings,implementing care, and being friendly to the environment.

And hope our idea of sustainable development can work closely with the vision of corporation.

Looking ahead, we deeply believe it will be a bumper harvest and more meaningful year!



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