Training & Development

Employee is always the fundament for a business's growth, the cornerstone of the company's progress and growth.

therefore, Allring-Tech continuously invests in employee and shape a good corporate culture in order to improve both staff and company's competitive advantages.

Allring-Tech establish personal training system form the professional and pragmatic point of view as well as the company's vision, mission and strategy; In the system, we plan the study-map that focus on profession, managerial functions and the needs of organizational development, expect to nurture professional and leading talents internally, try to achieve the win-win situation, whether employees' career advancement or the company's development.

Training System

Combine the company's goals and development of individual performance, aim to develop a full-range of talent training course for all the different functions and levels:

  • New employee Training :Apprenticeship Program leads the new staff quick into the work team and corporate culture.
  • R & D:Regular hold the theory/pragmatic courses or lectures.
  • Leadership:Planning a series of leadership courses to nurture executive, which can bring the positive growth for both executives and co-workers.
  • Work Skills:Enhance work efficiency by organizing related courses such as management, language courses and computer, etc.
  • Engineering Safety/Public health training:Hold the fire drill, earthquake escape and other related courses regularly to protect the employees' safety and health.
Diversified learning ways
  • In-house training:Annual training courses, hire experts or lecturers who have extensive experience in their field.
  • Exterior training:Fully subsidizes training courses and seminars that hold by exterior institutions.
  • Knowledge pass-down:Every staff can master the core technology and enhance professional skills by regular internal course and experience sharing.
  • Subsidy for language training:English, Japanese for instance.
  • Industry-Academy Cooperative Project:Cooperating with exterior technical team, ITRI, Chengda University, Sun Yat-sen University, Yunke University, the First University, Kunshan S & T University, etc.
  • Guest Lectures:Increases and learns the knowledge and practice in a certain field.
  • Exhibition:Absorb and know the current market information.
  • Life Lecture:Achieve staff self-growth by planning life-related lectures or courses.