Jobs at Allring

Complete insurance systems.
  • Group insurance.
  • Annual health examination.
  • Labor insurance.
  • NHI (National Health Insurance)
Complete Subsidy systems.
  • Department Dinner.
  • Subsidies for social groups/events.
  • Subsidies for marriage and childbirth.
  • Emergency Allowances.
  • Subsidies for company trip(domestic and overseas).
Other welfare
  • Cafeteria, library, gym and parking garage.
  • Free lunch and afternoon tea.
  • Organize various types of events from time to time.
    (Festival activities, End-of-year banquet event,Diversified social club, etc.)
Pension System
  • Labor Standards Act:Allring-tech borne pension reserves to the "Corporate pension fund account" opened by the Central Trust monthly based on employees' total wages.
  • Labor Pension Act :The amount of labor pension borne by the Allring-tech for staff governed will be 6% of the worker's monthly wage into the personal insurance pension account opened by Bureau of Labor Insurance; workers may also voluntarily contribute certain percent of their monthly wage to the labor pension.