In 1996 May, All-Ring started with only NTD 1.2 million of Capital. With only few engineers working in a 165.3 square meters rental factory, All-Ring has successfully listed on the OTC market in the 6th year of foundation. All-Ring has been known for its solid foundation in automatic equipment industry. The challenges we had overcome will transform into our future innovation. All-Ring cherish the effort along with the milestones that we had accomplished. The spirit of entrepreneurship has and will always implement into our business model.

Our spirit of entrepreneurship are:

1. Creation: Never stop, and Always innovate.

2. Service: Thinking outside the box to meet the real needs from customers. 

3. Speed: High Executive Ability.

4. Saving: Cost Efficient & Effectiveness business model.

5. Harmony: People oriented- Empathy matters.

6. Integrity: Honesty is the best policy.